Uniform design that inspires

Metallic elegance for your home

Our custom-made metal furniture offers a seamless aesthetic connection between different rooms and creates a harmonious and stylish overall look.


Adapted to your style

Edelstahl Büchele is about much more than just furniture. It's about enriching your living space with tailor-made elements that reflect your personality.

In close cooperation with our partners or your architect/kitchen studio, we not only manufacture shelves, bars, tables and handles, but also individually designed lamps and much more - all exactly according to your wishes.


Versatility in use

Our metal furniture is perfect as sideboards, shelves or individual storage solutions. We offer you the flexibility to design your living space entirely according to your needs.

One material - many possibilities

Living areas


Metal is ideal for kitchens as it is heat-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean. In addition, worktops and kitchen fronts made of stainless steel or copper make the kitchen modern and chic.

Dining room

A dining table with a metal frame or chairs with metal elements offer a combination of stability and elegance. Metallic surfaces reflect the light and contribute to an inviting atmosphere.

Living room

Metal accents in the living room, such as coffee tables, shelves or lamps made of brass or steel, can lend a modern or industrial charm. They are robust and blend seamlessly into different interior styles.


In damp rooms such as the bathroom, metal offers a practical solution thanks to its resistance to water and steam. Metal fittings, shelves and even wall cladding are not only stylish, but also particularly durable and easy to clean.

Guest WC

In small rooms such as the guest WC, metal proves its strength through its water resistance and ease of cleaning. Elegant metal fittings and accessories create stylish accents and increase the functionality of this room.


In the entrance area or hallway, metal creates a first, lasting impression of style and order with railings, coat racks and mirrors. Metal elements are not only practical for storage, but also decorative.


Metallic accents in entrance areas or hallways, such as banisters, coat racks and mirrors, immediately convey an impression of elegance and structure. These elements not only offer practical benefits for organization, but also act as decorative highlights.


Metal accents not only create visual highlights, but are also practical and easy to clean - perfect for sociable evenings and stylish get-togethers.

...And more

Metal elements such as handles and lamps give rooms a personal touch. They combine functionality with style and set subtle accents. These details shape the character and aesthetics of any living space.

Material selection

Timeless. Stylish. Personal.

Let us work together to create extraordinary spaces that are not only functional, but also an expression of your creative vision. We look forward to turning your ideas into reality without any restrictions.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel impresses with its versatility: from hot-rolled stainless steel with its unique, robust texture to satin-brushed surfaces that combine elegance and fine lines. Each variant is corrosion-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean, guaranteeing lasting beauty and functionality.


Brass enchants with its warm, golden sheen, which creates a luxurious atmosphere. It develops a patina full of character that makes every project unique. Despite its need for care, it combines tradition and modernity in an inviting environment.


Copper radiates warmth and elegance with its vibrant, reddish-gold color. Over time, it develops an individual patina, giving it a unique charm. Copper is robust and easy to care for, ideal for projects with character.


Tombak impresses with its rich, copper-like color that conveys depth and warmth. This durable material develops an individual patina over time, making each project special and distinctive. Robust and easy to maintain, Tombak offers a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality.

Black steel

Black steel impresses with its striking, dark look that radiates strength and modernity. This robust material adds an industrial, contemporary look to any project. While it is particularly hard-wearing, black steel requires careful maintenance to preserve its beauty in the long term, ideal for lovers of bold, urban design.

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Stainless steel variants

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Stainless steel hot rolled (OF 1.01)

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Stainless steel hot rolled mirror polished (OF 1.03)

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Stainless steel brushed satin finish (OF 1.04)

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Stainless steel with swirl finish (OF 1.05)

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Stainless steel hot rolled with swirl grinding (OF 1.07)

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Stainless steel hot rolled blackened (OF 1.11)

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Stainless steel, hot-rolled, blackened with swirl finish (OF 1.12)

Brass variants

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Brushed satin brass (OF 2.01)

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Brass with swirl finish (OF 2.02)

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Brushed satin patinated brass (OF 2.03)

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Brass with swirl finish patinated (OF 2.04)

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Dark patinated brass (OF 2.05)

Copper variants

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Brushed satin copper (OF 3.01)

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Copper with swirl finish (OF 3.02)

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Brushed satin patinated copper (OF 3.03)

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Copper with swirl finish patinated (OF 3.04)

Tombak variants

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Tombac silk matt brushed (OF 4.01)

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Tombac with swirl finish (OF 4.02)

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Tombac silk matt brushed patinated (OF 4.03)

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Tombac with swirl finish patinated (OF 4.04)