A kitchen with character

Metal kitchens

A metal kitchen blends aesthetics and emotion, creating a space with unmistakable character. Our bespoke kitchen designs allow us to reflect your personality in every detail.

Robust beauty.

Slim design.

Its unique texture combines filigree elegance with a robustness that is second to none. In kitchens, it unfolds its full splendor by harmoniously combining functionality and modern design. Choose from a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, brass, copper, tombac and steel.

Every kitchen is unique

Custom-made kitchens

Designing shapes individually and flexibly offers space for creative development. Each piece is unique, an expression of personal individuality. Whether rounded, angular, industrial or elegant - we can realize whatever you can imagine.

Combinable design that inspires

Timeless. Stylish. Personal.

Hot-rolled stainless steel kitchen with cooking island

This kitchen combines aesthetic design with everyday practicality. A generous stainless steel sink is complemented by a practical sponge rack and an additional drainage basin. The worktop and cooking block made of hot-rolled stainless steel with an elegantly shaped 'Swiss edge' are not only a visual eye-catcher, but also offer more space for cooking and enjoyment.

Worktop in brushed stainless steel

Our stainless steel worktop is not only robust, but also a real eye-catcher. The sink with clever drip section blends in seamlessly and rounds off the sleek design perfectly.

Spacious, open kitchen made of hot-rolled stainless steel

This kitchen is a hit for all cooking enthusiasts: plenty of space, durable and super practical thanks to the clever sink inserts. The shiny mirror edge and the brushed and patinated copper fronts add that special something. You just want to sit here and enjoy.

Copper kitchenette

This small copper tea kitchen is a real eye-catcher. Its warm sheen and characteristic patina lend any room an elegant atmosphere.

Modern cooking island in black stainless steel

Cooking in this modern kitchen with black stainless steel worktops is a real pleasure. The generous worktops offer enough space to cook extensively. It invites you to experience wonderful moments and enjoy delicious meals.


Functionality meets design in this kitchen unit from our partner Dross&Schaffer Munich East. Made from hot-rolled stainless steel, it brings quality and style to any kitchen and makes you want to cook and enjoy. A real piece of craftsmanship!

Unique brass bar with swirl finish

The Blue Marlin Dive Club shines with a unique bar designed by our partner, LAR Studio GmbH: brass with a vibrant swirl finish that immediately catches the eye. Here, craftsmanship and design combine to create an inviting atmosphere for unforgettable evenings.

Exceptional cooking block WITH COPPER AND Swirl FINISH

A real eye-catcher! This kitchen unit from LAR skillfully plays with different materials and attracts everyone's attention, especially thanks to the copper fronts with swirl finish. Not only naturally chic, but also super practical - a piece that brings style to any kitchen!

Front panels in satin-brushed and patinated copper

This kitchen unit, designed by LAR, shows how perfectly stone and metal can go together. The front panels in satin-brushed and finely patinated copper blend seamlessly into the kitchen design and provide an eye-catching feature that is both modern and timeless.

Stainless steel and copper in perfect harmony

This mix of warm stainless steel and satin copper, designed by the Lorenz + Schmid GmbH joinery, creates a modern yet timeless charm. A highlight for any kitchen that perfectly balances design and practicality.

Elegant & functional

Advantages of a metal kitchen


A metal kitchen may look slim and elegant, but the hard metal makes it very robust. It can easily withstand even the toughest cooking conditions.


The heat resistance of our metal kitchens makes it possible to place hot pots and pans directly on the worktop without risking damage or deformation.

Stainless steel kitchen open büchele metal shelf


The flexible design of metal kitchens makes it possible to create individual kitchen layouts and styles that are perfectly tailored to specific room sizes and personal design preferences.

Timeless elegance

The timeless elegance of a metal kitchen is underlined by its durability and modern aesthetic, making it a choice that will retain style and durability for years to come.


The surface of a metal kitchen naturally repels bacteria and stains. It is easy to clean and retains its quality.


The feel of metal kitchens is particularly pleasant due to their smooth or textured surfaces, which convey a clean and modern feel.

Material selection



Stainless steel in the kitchen impresses with its versatility: from hot-rolled stainless steel with its unique, robust texture to satin-brushed surfaces that combine elegance and fine lines. Each variant is corrosion-resistant, hygienic and easy to clean, guaranteeing lasting beauty and functionality.



Brass kitchens enchant with their warm, golden sheen, which creates a luxurious atmosphere. They develop a patina full of character that makes every kitchen unique. Despite their need for care, they combine tradition and modernity in an inviting environment.



Copper kitchens radiate warmth and elegance with their vibrant, reddish-gold color. Over time, they develop an individual patina, which gives them a unique charm. They are robust and easy to clean, ideal for kitchens with character.



Tombak kitchens impress with their rich, copper-like color, which conveys depth and warmth. This durable material develops an individual patina over time, making every kitchen special and distinctive. Robust and easy to clean, tombac kitchens offer a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality.



Black steel kitchens impress with their striking, dark appearance, which radiates strength and modernity. This robust material adds an industrial, contemporary look to any kitchen. While it is particularly hard-wearing, black steel requires careful maintenance to preserve its beauty in the long term, ideal for lovers of bold, urban design.

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One material - many possibilities


Work surfaces

Stainless steel kitchen open Kitchen made of metal


Stainless steel kitchen sink

Fronts and handles

Fronts and handles brass patinated


Stainless steel kitchen rounding front 2

Individual planning

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Stainless steel variants

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Stainless steel hot rolled (OF 1.01)

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Stainless steel hot rolled mirror polished (OF 1.03)

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Stainless steel brushed satin finish (OF 1.04)

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Stainless steel with swirl finish (OF 1.05)

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Stainless steel hot rolled with swirl grinding (OF 1.07)

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Stainless steel hot rolled blackened (OF 1.11)

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Stainless steel, hot-rolled, blackened with swirl finish (OF 1.12)

Brass variants

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Brushed satin brass (OF 2.01)

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Brass with swirl finish (OF 2.02)

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Brushed satin patinated brass (OF 2.03)

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Brass with swirl finish patinated (OF 2.04)

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Dark patinated brass (OF 2.05)

Copper variants

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Brushed satin copper (OF 3.01)

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Copper with swirl finish (OF 3.02)

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Brushed satin patinated copper (OF 3.03)

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Copper with swirl finish patinated (OF 3.04)

Tombak variants

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Tombac silk matt brushed (OF 4.01)

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Tombac with swirl finish (OF 4.02)

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Tombac silk matt brushed patinated (OF 4.03)

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Tombac with swirl finish patinated (OF 4.04)