More than a normal sink

Turn your sink into a highlight

Regardless of the material, our tailor-made sinks adapt to your individual needs and become an indispensable part of your kitchen.

Robust beauty.

The heart of your kitchen

Our sink is not just a sink - it is the heart of your bespoke kitchen. Made from robust metals such as stainless steel, brass, copper, black stainless steel and more, it combines durability with elegant design. What makes it unique is the seamlessly integrated drainer, which makes your kitchen work more practical and efficient.


Customizable to your needs

Design your kitchen according to your ideas. Our workzone allows you to work on one or two levels and can be adapted to your exact requirements with various accessories.

Perfect for stone worktops

Built-in sink and integral sink

Our built-in and integral sinks adapt to any worktop material and can be designed to be both discreet and eye-catching in various materials and surfaces. Each sink is supplied with a matching strainer basket valve, either with a pull knob or manually operated. Whether for worktops made of stone, wood or metal: the built-in sink and integral sink can be used anywhere.

Built-in sink

Integral sink

Perfect for multifunctional fittings

Compact water point

This smaller version of our sink is ideal for modern fittings. It integrates effortlessly into kitchens and improves the efficiency of the workspace.

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